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FJ Pine Door Jambs

FJ Pine Door Jambs

Finger jointing is a process of joining timber at its ends in order to achieve longer lengths. Finger Jointed Door Jambs come in standard sizes but can be machined to suit your requirements.

For custom orders, please contact our office.

When measuring for a door jamb, it is important to know the dimensions of the door you wish to fit. This is because a maximum of 3mm may be trimmed from any door edge. You should also allow for 3mm, at the top of your door, 3mm at the sides of your door and 5mm at the bottom of the door, which is for floor coverings, tiles, etc. Selecting a standard door size at this stage, can help to lower cost and avoid additional delays.

Correct installation of a door jamb is important and in some cases, can effect the stability of a structure. Depending on the width of a doorway and or design of your structure, a beam known as a lintel may be required to distribute the weight above the doorway. When erecting a door jamb, additional attention should be paid to the vertical alignment, as this will have an effect on the swinging of your door. You should also check to make sure your door jamb is square, otherwise you may require a larger door to be trimmed to fit. Keeping in mind that a maximum of 3mm may be trimmed from any door edge.

Master woodturning recommends door jambs only be fitted by a licensed tradesman.

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