137mm Modwood Decking

Modwood is an Australian Made and Owned Composite Decking & Screening Product made essentially from ground sustainable wood waste and Plastic. Modwood actually uses Recycled Plastic Milk Bottles.
Modwood Decking comes in a range of sizes, colours and finished, giving the ability to create residential or commercial projects with function and style.

The Modwood Decking has a very similar non slip rating to painted or coated timber decking products. In commercial situations our 137mm profiles have been manufactured to R11 anti-slip rating with a deep embossed pattern on both faces. The 88mm Decking Board is manufactured to R10 anti-slip rating on both faces.

One face of the Modwood Decking Board is smooth/embossed and the other side is Brushed Finished. This product comes in set lengths of 5.4m long only.
Modwood has a 10 Year limited residential warranty, you can expect your deck to withstand the wear and tear of busy lives and still look great.

The Modwood Decking Boards is available in the following colours:

  • Sahara (Burnt orange/Brown)
  • Black Bean (Brown/Black)
  • Jarrah (Red/Brown)
  • Silver Gum (Silver/Grey)

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