Modwood Deck Protect Refresher

Deck Protect® have now released a range of high performance cleaning,
colour rejuvenating and sealing products to satisfy the demands of coating
exterior wood plastic composite decks and screens such as Modwood. The Deck
Protect® Composite care range is designed to restore and highlight the
natural toning and look of the composite structure whilst providing a long
lasting cleaning and protective finish.

All products in the range have had extensive testing on ModWood products and
is offered to help you maintain, protect and restore your old weathered
Modwood to original condition.

Please note that this product is not made for capped composites.

It is recommended that you do a 3 step process with these products:

Step 1 – Deck Protect Cleaner

Step 2 – Deck Protect Refresher

Step 3 – Deck Protect Sealer or Deck Protect Traction


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