Recommended Installers

While we excel in providing top-tier timber and composite decking products, we understand that the success of your project also hinges on the expertise of the builders and installers you choose. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at our materials; it extends to the skilled professionals we’ve carefully selected and partnered with. On our installers page, you’ll discover a handpicked roster of authorised builders and installers renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to perfection. These trusted professionals share our passion for delivering excellence. Their expertise ensures that your decking or outdoor living project will not only meet but exceed your expectations. We believe in connecting you with builders who are as committed to quality as we are.

At Master Woodturning, we’re not just about supplying materials; we’re about providing you with a complete solution, where top-quality products seamlessly align with top-quality installers. Your vision deserves nothing less than the best, and that’s precisely what our network of builders offers. Start your project with us today and experience the synergy of premium materials and outstanding craftsmanship. Your dream space awaits, backed by our unwavering commitment to excellence in both products and installers.

We recommend that all customers do a license check on any professional installer to ensure that they are licensed as a carpenter or builder – Check NSW licenses here

Fairlie Good Constructions
Ballard's Carpentry
The Decksmith
Diligent Construction Group
Stay Sharp Carpentry
Laverty Constructions
LSA Renovations
New Life Gardens & Landscaping
Urbanarch Building
Backyard Splashes
Hilux Maintenance & Construction
KV Home Improvements
DS Property Specialist
Decked Out
Decks by Design
Above Board Decks
All Sydney Decks
Epic Landscaping
Allwood Building & Consultancy Services
Anything Constructions
Doctor Fix
HGT Constructions
JA Carpentry & Maintenance
Jaybuild Creations
JEL Building Services
Lifestyle Exteriors
Skilled Services NSW
TFH Constructions
Urban Exteriors Patios & Decks
Tactical Carpentry Services
Precision Decking
JB Outdoor
J Clarke Constructions
Coopers Coastal Decks
Platinum Decks
Amaroo Constructions
Dunnright Projects
Phone Number
0402 719 650
0433 729 181
0468 486 290
0406 556 695
0433 214 560
0432 514 010
0423 346 355
0413 156 915
0413 185 735
0415 131 513
0417 223 657
0435 736 789
0401 398 774
0409 912 579
0430 484 380
0406 315 486
0417 39 38 39
0420 300 277
0458 899 997
0439 595 830
0424 787 714
0424 921 987
0403 402 999
0448 899 281
0410 108 527
0417 201 200
0409 147 172
0412 386 780
0418 112 250
0404 018 958
0419 831 250
0418 285 475
0407 483 886
0425 809 569
0402 402 685
0410 401 900
0410 341 623
0402 916 626
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Contractor Licence
Licence No 223345C
Licence No 327682C
Licence No 272840C
Licence No 334858C
Licence No 362656C
Licence No 319712C
Licence No 321852C
Licence No 328792C
Licence No 375685C
Licence No 331622C
Licence No 196115C
Licence No 364735C
Licence No 366595C
Licence No 178051C
Licence No 234335C
Licence No 212086C
Licence No 327883C
Licence No 181805C
Licence No 278472C
Licence No 132518C
Licence No 284998C
Licence No 236613C
Licence 310108C
Licence No 96504C
Licence No 263247C
Licence No 274944C
Licence No 357700C
Licence No 24428C
Licence No 288196C
Licence No 300405C
Licence No 369340C
Licence No 315139C
Licence No 188765C
Licence No 285438C
Service Areas
All Areas NSW
All Areas NSW
Sydney Eastern Suburbs
All Areas NSW
All Areas NSW
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Macarthur & Sutherland Shire
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Northern Beaches
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Metro Region
Sydney Northern Beaches
Sydney Northern Beaches
Wollongong & South Coast
Central Coast & Newcastle
Central Coast & Newcastle
Central Coast & Newcastle
Mid North Coast
ACT Region

Ensuring Expertise and Quality

Professional Craftmanship

A professional builder brings years of experience and skill, ensuring your deck is built to the highest standards. Our approved Installers understand the nuances of composite materials and ensure every detail, from board spacing to fastener placement, is perfect.

Long-Term Durability and Safety

Proper Installation Techniques

Expert installers ensure that your deck is structurally sound, providing a safe and long-lasting outdoor space. Qualified Installers use the right tools and techniques to prevent common issues like warping, uneven boards, or loose fasteners.

Warranty Preservation

Protecting Your Investment

Incorrect installation can void the warranty of your composite decking. Professional installers ensure compliance with manufacturer guidelines to maintain your warranty coverage. You have the assurance that your deck’s warranty remains intact, protecting your investment.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Professional installers can complete the job quicker due to their expertise and specialised tools, saving you time and inconvenience. Although DIY might seem cheaper, incorrect installation can lead to costly repairs. Professionals get it right the first time, avoiding future expenses.

Navigating Permits and Regulations

Code Compliance

Professional builders are knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations, ensuring your deck is legally compliant. They can also assist with obtaining necessary permits, streamlining the process.