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Timber Prices

"Wholesale Timber Prices - (02) 9829 5000"
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Building & Hardware

Remember you are more than welcome to come and meet our team anytime during office hours, Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm to discuss your needs. Please contact our office should you wish to visit or talk to us outside the normal office hours.


37 Lancaster Street, Ingleburn NSW 2565

190x18mm York MDF Primed 5.4m Length
280x65mm GL10 Beam H3 Primed Design Pine 5.4m Long
1L African Teak CE500 ULB Decking Oil
Professional Range - 4 Flutes Router Bits
240x18mm Chelsea MDF Primed 5.4m Length
HB-4472GBFTG Glass Mounted Gloss Black Flat Top Handrail Bracket
M8 x 40mm Hexagon Head Bolts Zinc Box of 200
190x12mm Farsley MDF Primed 5.4m Length
Camden Verandah Post 2.7m
140x12mm Renton MDF Primed 5.4m Length
14-10 x 100mm Class 3 Gal Bugle Head Batten Type 17 Screws Box 500
140x35mm H3 Treated Pine 5.4m Length
190x18mm Ansley MDF Primed 5.4m Length
240x18mm Dorset MDF Primed 5.4m Length
90x200mm Full Stirrup Post Support Galvanised
190x25mm Cambridge MDF Primed 5.4m Length