16x16mm Double Twist Wrought Iron Baluster


1090x16x16mm Square Double Twist Wrought Iron Baluster



Q 1. Where would you normally use wrought iron balusters ?
As part of a balustrade on a staircase. (The baluster is the part between the top handrail and bottom rail).

Q 2. What is it made out of ?
Hollow square steel bar that has been powder coated in a Satin Black finish.

Q 3. What are the important dimensions ?
Overall : 1090mm Height x 16mm Width x 16mm Depth
Wall thickness : 1.6mm
Length of top square : 150mm
Length of both twists and square middle : 520mm
Length of bottom square : 420mm

Q 4. Why is it hollow and not solid ?
Hollow bar is much lighter in weight than solid bar and is also easier to cut.
The fact that it is a 1.6mm wall thickness means that strength is not an issue.

Q 5. Can it be used outside ?
We do not recommend using this product in an outside application, as it is not rust-resistant.

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