50x25mm Aluminium Perforated Closure Trim 3.0m


2500x25x13mm Aluminium Perforated Closure Trim

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Millboard Decking


Aluminium Perforated Closure Trim 

3000x50x25mm Aluminium Perforated Closure Trim


Add a finishing touch to your Millboard Cladding project with the specially designed edging profiles. The corners are dressed to make the whole project come together.

The Millboard Cladding corner profiles and fascia boards add distinction to corners of buildings, window reveals, door reveals, soffits and much more. Millboard trims are specially selected to fit our profile, for a faster and easier install. Also includes the Perforated Closure to aide ventilation and prevent insect infestation.

The Millboard Aluminium Perforated Closure Trim is used to prevent insects and rodents getting into the ventilated cavity behind the boards, whilst allowing airflow. Fixed at the bottom of the cladding with the starter trim, also at the top on its own, as well as with the corner profiles. Fixed with the 20mm fixings.


Q1. What is the dimensions of the Millboard Aluminium Perforated Closure Trim?

Millboard Perforated Closure Trim comes  50mm Wide x  25mm Thick x  3000mm Long


Millboard Decking

Millboard Decking

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 6 × 3 cm


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