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2 Flute Finishing Spiral

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Two Flutes.
Suffix 1/2 = 1/2" Shank,
Suffix 5/16" = 5/16" Shank,
Suffix 3/8 = 3/8" Shank,
Otherwise 1/4".
Suffix M = Shank Diam. Same as Cutting Diam.

For superior edge finish on all types of material. Hardwoods, Softwoods, Laminates, Composites etc. Up cut brings the swarf up and out of the cut. Down cut drives the swarf down and out of the cut.

TSRW4, TSLW4, TSRW5, TSLW5, TSRW6, TSLW6, TSSRW8, TSRW8, TSLW8, TXSRW8, TXSLW8, TSRW105/16, TSLW105/16, TSRW101/2, TSLW101/2, TSRW8M, TSLW8M, TSRW123/8, TSLW123/8, TSRW121/2, TSLW121/2, TSRW10M, TSLW10M, TSRW12M, TSLW12M, TSRW161/2, TSLW161/2, TXSRW161/2, TXSLW161/2, TXXSRW161/2, TXXSLW161/2, TSRW16M, TSLW16M, TSRW20M, TSLW20M

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