Cutek Quickclean


Cutek Quickclean 2.5L

Features of Cutek Quickclean

• Biodegradable Cleaner
• Rapid removal of grease and grime for all hard surfaces

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Cutek QuickClean 2.5L

Do you need an industrial grade general purpose cleaner for use on dirty wood and other substrates such as barbeques

Cutek Quickclean is a biodegradable cleaner, that will eat the job, by cutting through all types of grease and grime.

If your timber is grey or heavily stained by tannins or iron, we recommend our professional grade wood cleaning product, Cutek Proclean.

Always patch test Quickclean before use.

  • Powerful, cost effective general all surface cleaner
  • Remove grime from timber or composite materials

Because of the wide variation in substrates and types of stains, always test Cutek Quickclean before starting your project. This will help you determine how much time you’ll need to leave Cutek Quickclean on the timber and how much product you will need for the job.

Unlike bleach, Cutek Quickclean is not considered a strong defoliant, however, we recommend using absorbent drop cloths to protect delicate and/or adjacent vegetation and surfaces.

Cutek Quickclean must be diluted 8:1 with water. Always test to determine if the dilution being used is effective in cleaning. If the timber is proving difficult to clean, it might be more cost effective to use Cutek Proclean instead of Cutek Quickclean on a large project.


Before you begin, note the hazards and precautions on this website and the can labelling, and ensure that you use the correct safety equipment as detailed in the Safety Data Sheet.

After testing a patch of timber, apply Cutek QuickClean liberally to the timber substrate with brush, roller, or garden sprayer. Let Cutek QuickClean do most of the work by letting it sit on the surface for 10 – 20 minutes, or such time as deemed to be necessary by the test procedure. It may be necessary to scrub stubborn stains moderately with a stiff fibre brush.


Once Cutek Quickclean has cleaned the timber, it must be power rinsed off thoroughly. For best results, power rinse with a high-pressure washer set to under 750 p.s.i. (50 bar), with a fan jet pattern to avoid damage to the wood fibre.

Clean from the lowest point and work upwards methodically. ALWAYS clean off with a water jet that produces a “putty knife” shaped fan that is 40–50mm wide about 100mm out from jet. Adopt a continuous “mowing action” working with power water fan-jet 100mm from the face of the substrate. DO NOT use “turbojets” on timber.

CAUTION must be used when cleaning soft timber to reduce the pressure and avoid damaging the sapwood. The longer that Cutek QuickClean is left on the substrate, the greater the rinse time required. Additionally, certain types of wood surfaces may leave a raised grain effect after stripping is completed. Sanding or poly pad scrubbing may be required to smooth out this condition.

Recoating with a Cutek oil

Following the restoration of the timber with Cutek Quickclean, it is important to complete the restoration process by coating the timber with an appropriate Cutek oil, following the procedure detailed in this website.

Not treating the timber after cleaning will result in the weathering process occurring more rapidly than prior to cleaning.



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