Ezirail Drilling Jig – Commercial Usage





Q 1. Where would you normally use it ?
To drill the ends of the EZIRAIL straight rail when a bend or end cap needs to be added.

Q 2. Why does it say in the description that it is “For Commercial Use” ?
If you have a job where you needs to drill the end of the rail 10’s or even 100’s of times (such as in a hospital or aged care facility), then this is the drilling jig you would use, as the drill and the metal sleeve have been designed specifically with repeated use in mind.

If you have a job where you only needs to do a few holes (such as a handrail in a house), then the IF147X – Ezirail Drilling Jig (For Domestic Use) would be more than suitable.

Q 3. What do I get ?
1. A precision machined metal sleeve suitable for 50mmm EZIRAIL (either full round or with a flat).
2. A high quality 16mm drill bit with adjustable collar to set depth of bore.

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