Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Support Kit AJ45KIT – Box of 16


Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Supports Kit AJ45KIT

Box of 16

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Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Support Kit AJ45KIT

For Use with Decks over Concrete Slabs


The Adjustable Joist Support has been designed specifically to enable decks to easily be built over concrete slabs in areas where limited ground clearance is available. It is ideal for use when the step-down from your door to your concrete slab is between 100mm (minimum) and around 230mm (maximum).

The AJ45KIT & AJH45G has been specifically designed to be used with 45mm wide treated pine timber joists and the AJH50G for 50mm wide Steel or Hardwood joists for the Australian & New Zealand markets.

For exact heights please see our “Minimum and Maximum Top of Joists Height information” or “Heights achieved” grid (both listed below) using 60mm,100mm & 120mm M10 bolts and 70,90, & 140 x 45mm Timber joists for the AJ45KIT, AJH45G and using 60mm & 120mm M10 bolts for 100 & 150mm x 50mm Steel or Hardwood joists.


  • Keeps your joists off the concrete and free of unwanted moisture ingress. This prevents joist-rot through the bottom of your joists.
  • Is ideal for use on area where the concrete has built in “fall” – to provide a level deck
  • Quick and easy to use – purpose-built for the application
  • Gives a a neat, professional look across your deck structure without resorting to various different packers and brackets to achieve your end result.
  • Height of the deck is determined by the length of bolts used.


Q1. How many Adjustable Joist do I get in a box?

There are 16 units per box supplied.


Q2. What bolts come in the kit package?

The Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Supports kit comes with the following:

  • 32 x Galvanised M10 Hex Head Bolts 100mm Long
  • 64 x 10mm Hex Nuts
  • 32 x 10mm Flat Washers
  • 16 x 12mm Dynabolt


Q3. What is the Span Table for base-plate positioning on the Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Supports?

The Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Supports recommends the follow Span Requirements:

KlevaKlip Joist Support Span Table

KlevaKlip Joist Support Span Table



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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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