Vertical Leg Plate For 5/16″ Lag Screws


Vertical Leg Plate For 5/16″ Lag Screws

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Vertical Leg Plate For 5/16″ Lag Screws


Where would use a Vertical Leg Plate ?
A vertical leg plate is a quick and easy way of fixing a leg (that has a 5/16″ lag screw) to the bottom of a lounge or piece of furniture.
Using screws (not provided by us), fix the plate in position, and then screw the leg in place.

What are the important dimensions ?
The size of the plate is 65 x 63mm.
The thickness of the plate is 1.2mm.
The screw has a 5/16″ internal thread.

What is the difference between the standard and heavy duty version of the vertical leg plate ?
The thickness of the plate for the standard is 1.2mm, whereas the heavy duty is 1.8mm.
The 5/16″ nut is pressed onto the plate on the standard version, but is welded to the plate on the heavy duty version.
The standard version has 3 fixing holes, whereas the heavy duty version has 4.
We recommend using the standard plate in situations where not a lot of weight is going to be applied. For example a side/coffee table.
We recommend using the heavy duty plate in situations where there is going to be some weight applied. Fox example a chair, foot stool, lounge, bed or dining table.

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