Starborn Pro Plug PVC Bit (BLUE)


Starborn Industries Pro Plug System PVC Tool (BLUE)

  • Auto-Stop mechanism to prevent stripping the screw
  • Free-Spinning Stop Collar – No Surface Damage

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Starborn ProPlug PVC/Composite Tool

For use with the Starborn Pro Plugs for Trex Decking

The Pro Plug® System for PVC and Composite Decking is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system. The Starborn Pro Plug System consists of the following three (3) components:

  • Screws: Uncoated Screws is recommended for the Pro Plug System. Available here in our store: Starborn Trex Uncoated Screws
  • Plugs: Made from real PVC or composite deck/trim material for a perfect match. Available here in our store: Starborn Trex Decking Pro Plugs
  • PVC/Composite Tool: Drives Screws to correct depth, features a No Cam-Out Auto-Stop™ mechanism to prevent tripping the screw and a free-spinning stop collar to protect the board surface.
Starborn Pro Plug System

Starborn Pro Plug System

Usage Notes: 

  • Use with a standard drill, DO NOT use an impact driver
  • Starborn Pro Plug System for Trex Decking consists of several parts designed to work together. All of these parts must be used together, as instructed, to ensure proper function
  • To reduce risk of injury, follow your power tool manufacturer’s instructions and use safety glasses.


Q1. What Trex Fasteners can this be used with?

This product is designed to be used with either the Starborn Trex Decking Pro Plugs and Uncoated Screws.



Trex Decking

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