DAR Square Edge Boards

Design Pine is a range of structural and decorative timber products coated with a genuine primer. Impregnated with a preservative to prevent the onset of decay and resist insect attack in all above ground applications, Design Pine is a finger jointed and or laminated for increased dimensional stability to give a reliable product for years to come.

Design Pine is produced using the latest azole based organic timber preservation system, giving greater protection against termites, mould and decay for the life of the product. Design Pine can be used on all above ground exterior building applications including cladding, pergolas, decks, carports, verandahs and railings.

Design Pine utilises finger joint technology to create long, straight and defect free boards for every application. Design Pine producers only use exterior grade adhesive in every joint which ensures you get a product with maximum strength and reliability. Design Pine is then coated with Resene’s genuine BLUE primer to give a ready to paint surface.

What Makes Design Pine Stand Out from the Rest?

  • 25 Year Preservative Warranty
  • Prefinished with genuine primer
  • Directly apply top coats
  • Engineered Timber Products
  • Defect Free Boards
  • External Glue System
  • Preserved with Organic Biocides
  • Greater Dimensional Stability
  • Plantation Grown Timber
  • Easy to Use

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