Cutek Colourtone


Cutek Colourtones

It is recommended to use 1 x Cutek Colourtone per 5L of Cutek Oil

Colours Available in the Cutek Colourtones

• Autumntone
• Black Ash
• Burnt Red
• Chestnut
• Goldtone
• Grey Mist
• Rustic Gold
• Sela Brown
• Walnut
• New Bronze

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Cutek make preserving the beautiful, natural look of timber easy.

All Cutek oils are sold clear, which allows the wood to age gracefully into a beautiful silver patina on exposure to sunlight. However, if you’d like to retain the natural freshly oiled colour of the timber you’re working with, you can simply add a Colourtone to the clear oil. Choose one of our 10 Colourtones which have been specifically developed to closely match many popular wood species.

For best results, select a Colourtone that stays close to the natural shade of the coated timber.

If you require a Colourtone that’s not offered our standard range we offer a custom Colourtone creation service. Contact us to discuss your project and desired colour you would like to achieve.

1. What is the recommended application of the Cutek Colourotnes?

One colourtone size can be used in all pack sizes as follows:

    • 1 x 250 ml Colourtone pot is required for a 5 litre can of Cutek oil.
    • 2 x 250 ml Coloutone pots per 10 litre can of Cutek oil.
    • 4 x 250 ml Colourtone pots per 20 litre can of Cutek oil

Stir and mix the Colourtone well before adding into the clear oil. Continue to stir well with a flat stirrer, lifting from the bottom, for about 2 minutes before use and give a quick stir about every 15 minutes during use to ensure even results.

For best results, one coat of clear Cutek oil should be applied to all faces of the wood prior to installing, with a second and third coat of colourtoned Cutek oil applied to the top surface once the first coat is completely dry. Two or three thin coats on finished wood and hardwoods are better than one or two thick coats. Cutek oils will take longer to absorb/penetrate into dense hardwoods so thin coats are best so as to avoid delayed drying of the oil.



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Autumntone (180ml), Black Ash (180ml), Burnt Red (180ml), Chestnut (180ml), Goldtone (180ml), Grey Mist (180ml), New Bronze (180ml), Rustic Gold (180ml), Sela Brown (180ml), Walnut (180ml)






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