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You are purchasing a 5.4m long length of 280x42mm H3 LOSP Treated Pine Primed Design Pine in a DAR Pencil Round edge profile.

Please note that there are other lengths available for this product. The lengths for this product range from 3.6m-7.2m. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements and availability.

Design Pine is a range of structural and decorative timber products coated with a genuine primer. Impregnated with a preservative to prevent the onset of decay and resist insect attack in all above ground applications, Design Pine is a finger jointed and or laminated for increased dimensional stability to give a reliable product for years to come.

Prior to priming, Design Pine is impregnated with an organic preservation system (H3) which increases its durability for all above ground exterior applications. The preservative is designed to prevent the onset of rot and decay as well as protect the timber from insect attack.

This innovation preservative contains special waxes and resins which slow the uptake of moisture, making Design Pine a more stable product. The Technology is covered by a limited 25 year durability guarantee*. Design pine is commonly used on all above ground exterior building applications including cladding, pergolas, decks, carports, verandahs and railings.

Design Pine utilises finger joint technology to create long, straight and defect free boards for every application. Design Pine producers only use exterior grade adhesive in every joint which ensures you get a product with maximum strength and reliability. Design Pine is then coated with Resene’s genuine BLUE primer to give a ready to paint surface.

  1. How do I know it’s genuine Design Pine?
    Every Piece of Design Pine is branded with and end tag that specifies a number of important details including the Design Pine Logo indicating that you are purchasing the genuine article.
  2. What colour paint should I select?
    Timber is a natural material; which is affected by temperature and moisture. Therefore the selection of correct top coat colour is essential for the long term performance on the Design Pine product and the paint system. Light colours with a light reflective value (LRV) of >30 are recommended as dark colours absorb light and heat.
  3. Does my timber need to be re-treated if I cut it?
    Yes, all Treated Timbers MUST BE re-treated to ensure longevity of your timber. At Master Woodturning we recommend that you use a CE-101 Copper Green Preservative to bring your timber back to a treated level.
  4. CE-101 Copper Green Preservative imparts the highest level of protection. A wood preservative and water repellent which contains 32gms/L of Copper which is present as Copper Napthenate, protects wood from rot, decay, swelling, shrinking, warping, splitting, surface checking and fungal attack. It is particularly recommended for timber that will be in constant contact with the ground.

    General Uses (Exterior Use Only)
    Used for treated and untreated timber in pole house construction, boats, jetties, retaining walls, decks, pergolas and cooling towers. For in ground application when treated pine or timber has been sawn, cut or planed and where the surface treatment has been lost and needs to be replaced.
    Finish: Dark Green

  5. What is the Design Pine Installation recommendations?
    Design Pine recommend that you follow the following steps to create a hassle free project.
    Step 1 – Cut & Notch as required to fit the desired application. Off Cuts and waste are non-hazardous for disposal.
    Step 2 – Apply a Preservative Sealer to all cuts.
    Step 3 – Remove any dirt, dust etc & Spot Prime cut ends and notches with Design Pine primer or a quality oil based primer.
    Step 4 – Fix in place. Design Pine is non-corrosive to hot dipped galvanised fasteners. Design Pine should not be in contact with the ground.
    Step 5 – Apply two coats of quality oil based exterior paint to finish the structure within 12 weeks of installation for optimum results. A light colour is essential.
    Step 6 – Sit back, relax and enjoy
  6. How should I store my Design Pine?
    Design Pine should be kept as dry as possible in a covered, well ventilated area.
  7. What are the warranty details of the Design Pine Products?


Design Pine

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