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Klevaklip Adjustable Bearer Support ABS70G – Box of 8


Klevaklip Adjustable Bearer Support

Box of 8
This product is suited for 45mm, 70mm or 90mm Treated pine

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Klevaklip Adjustable Bearer Support ABS70G

For Use with Decks 300mm to 600mm off the ground


Every deck starts with the process of getting the substructure right - if it isn't properly spaced out and level, the chances of building the deck correctly are almost zero. Therefore time must be spent on getting the posts or piers set to the correct height across the deck - a job made even more difficult if the ground is not level.

Setting up a levelling post and bearers for the sub-structure of your deck can be tedious and time consuming. But it’s one of those things that just has to be right.

The clever people from KlevaKlip have now released the Adjustable Bearer Support – aimed at the section of the market where decks are typically from 300 to 600mm off the ground.

Built heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised, with an adjustment for “bottom of bearer” height of 160mm to 290mm, the Adjustable Bearer Support will save time and make your job so much easier. Simply adjust the bearer support height and add to your combined bearer and joist depth, plus your decking board thickness to give your correct height off the ground.

* Note: The product has a supplied lowest height of approximately 175mm. In order to achieve 160mm, the bottom 15-20mm of the threaded rod needs to be cut off.



  • Quick and easy to use when setting height of your bearer.
  • Ideal for use on areas where the ground has a "fall", to provide a level bearer height.
  • Heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised ensures long life-span without failure. Locking nuts ensure absolute rigidity.
  • Can be used to prop up existing bearers or floor joists that have sagged over a period of time.
  • Easily used with 70mm, 90mm or 45-50mm width bearers of various heights. (Note – 45-50mm bearers need to be packed out from upright to ensure they sit in line with the centre of the base)
  • Variety of uses include the building of ramps, stairs, post supports, adjusting the rafter support to achieve the pitch on a skillion roof


Q1. How many Adjustable Bearers do I get in a box?

There are 8 units per box supplied.


Q2. What bolts do I require?

The Klevaklip Adjustable Bearer Supports should always be fixed with 2 x 12mm dynabolts or 10mm masonry bolts or similar. This is to ensure the strength and stability of the base.

Bolts are not included in you box.


Q3. What installation recommendations are there?

The Klevaklip Adjustable Beare Support base plates are recommended to be placed at 90 degrees to the adjacent base plate to provide the best lateral stability in all directions. This is critically important if building a free-standing deck (i.e. Not attached to any fixed structure - eg house)/

Locking nuts should be fully tighten at all times. This is especially important when the thread is wound out near its maximum height.

DO NOT wind the Adjustable Bearer Support higher than 290mm to the bottom of the bearer height. 

Note: On a free-standing deck (I.e. not attached to a fixed structure), regardless of bearers meeting span requirements, a minimum of size (6) Adjustable Bearer Supports should to be used.



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