NTW Cobra Connector Clip for Metal Substrate


Newtechwood Cobra Connector Clips for Metal Substrate

Box of 250 Clips


Newtechwood Cobra Connector Clips

Metal Substrate


For a modern, clean look NewTechWood has designed a secret fix system where the clips are hidden in the gaps between the decking boards.  The clip slides into the grooved edge of the board and is screwed into the joist.

The Cobra T-Clip system provides a uniform 5.5mm gap between the boards, which is the standard for most decking in Australia.

Newtechwood 5.5mm Gap

Newtechwood 5.5mm Gap


Q1. How many Newtechwood Connector Clips do I need?

You need approximately 17 clips per 1 square meter (m2) of Newtechwood Decking.

Q2. How many Newtechwood Connector Clips are in the packet?

Currently, this product comes in packets of 250 clips.

Q3. What substrate is the Newtechwood Connector Clips for?

This product is made for use with a Metal Substrate.

Q4. What size gap does the Newtechwood Cobra fasteners system provide for the boards?

When using the Newtechwood Cobra fasteners system it will provide a 5.5mm gap, when installed correctly.


Newtechwood Decking

Newtechwood Composite Decking

Cobra Fasteners

Additional information

Weight 15.0000 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm
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